PAM 21 (Precision Azimuth Measurement)

PAM21 is a wireless & portable Position and Orientation Sight that’s mounted directly on indirect fire weapons, observation sensors and can be used as a dismounted soldier personal navigator. With a 10DOF sensor configuration and serial interface, the PAM21 can be integrated as a cost-effective aiming module into the Automated Mortar and Rocket Firing Control System. Shock mitigation allows the sensor to be directly placed on the weapon mount. This reduces tolerance build-up between the vehicle reference and the barrel aiming vector.


  • Gyro-compass and calibrated magnetic true north heading (yaw), pitch, and roll measurement
  • Quick reaction aiming with gyro-magnetic course and gyro-compass fine align
  • Adaptive in-field calibration
  • Each PAM21 is uniquely addressable to allow multiple weapons (with dissimilar calibre and ballistics) to be co-ordinated from a single fire co-ordinator
  • Integrated gunner display updated over digital link increases safety and reduces battle stress errors
  • Internal and external power supply for dismounted and back-up operations
  • Data Logging and Shot Count
  • ITAR free
  • Local deep level logistic support with 30 day turnaround time.
  • Private label manufacture available


  • Aiming Application
  • Pointing Application
  • Dead Reckoning Navigation
  • VMS Aided Navigation
  • GPS Aided Navigation
  • Tracking Application (Blue Force)
  • Health and usage monitoring
  • Shot Count
  • Data Logging
  • Usage Data (number of shots fired along with the commanded charge description per configured barrel serial number)